Academic Posters: Powerpoint vs. Illustrator vs. InDeisgn vs. Photoshop! (Tutorial Part 3)

Academic Posters: Powerpoint vs. Illustrator vs. InDeisgn vs. Photoshop! (Tutorial Part 3)

Hello every one, today we will be discussing which program to use to make scientific posters.

You don't have much choice here, but I see frequently people screwing this up.

Let's go over potential programs that people are frequently using.

First we have normal powerpoint, you can also get this fro free if you use Open office, LibreOffice or StarOffice.

and then we have three Adobe programs.

We have Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

So which program should you use? Well actually powerpoint is not that bad most people are already familiar with powerpoint.

And if you create a big spread in the beginning you can align all your objects on the spread and it's quite simple to use.

So if you don't have much time for your poster and you want to have still a decent poster it's totally fine to use powerpoint.

However as powerpoint is not supporting any vector graphics you should make sure that all your pictures are really big and have a heigh resolution (dpi).

If people are interested I will also make a tutorial and show you how to use powerpoint to make your poster.

Then we have the other three programs from Adobe.

Let's talk about the obvious bad choice here this is of cause photoshop.

As the name says it's fro photos and we want to make a poster.

And the problem with photoshop is that it is pixel based so you would need to put out the actual poster for print in a very big resolution to get it to print nicely.

Also photoshop doesn't support text very well.

So for a movie poster photoshop is very nice but for a scientific poster with quite some text and some lines and figures and so on photoshop should never be considered for making a poster.

Then we are left with InDesign and illustrator.

And quite often people use Illustrator.

And to be honest, that is not a very bad choice however we have some specific problems with illustrator.

First wen don't have spelling correction.

And then also some text features with text kerning, so the spacing between letters and things like that so the really fine detailed things are not very well implemented into illustrator.

Also if you want to use boxes with rounded corners as it is used on posters quite often Illustrator has some problems if you resize the boxes.

So if you pay attention when looking at some posters you can really tell if people made those with illustrator and just dragged the boxes to resize them and there where screwing up the corners.

So why should you use InDesign then? Well InDesign works pretty much like powerpoint.

You have a big spread where you can place things on.

Also InDesign is very well made for text because it's made basically for print media like magazines and newspapers.

And the really nice thing about InDesign is that it does integrate very well with illustrator and photoshop as well.

So inDesign it self gives you the very nice text function and very nice boxes that look very well on posters.

Also very nice features to align your elements on the poster it self.

Because it's a layout program for print, that's exactly what we need.

And the big trick with InDesign is that you can take your illustrator file, so lets say we have made a figure or flowchart.

Vector based of cause so it prints nicely.

We put it into InDesign and then it actually gets linked so now we have a complex figure in InDesign it self that we would normally make with illustrator, which we actually did.

And if we now want to change something in this figure, we can just open the *.

Ai document in illustrator and make our changes and this will be updated in InDesign automatically.

The same thing goes for pictures that we make with photoshop.

This way our main document is not very cluttered and it's still very very easy to work with.

If you would do the same thing in illustrator we would get the problem that we would have all of our graphics in one document and this can get very messed up with different layers and so on, so we don't want to do that.

So I highly recommend using InDesign and if you don't have much time and you are more familiar with powerpoint there is also nothing wrong with using powerpoint.

Sure you can till use illustrator but I think inDesign has some key advantages above illustrator and pleas never try to use photoshop to make a complete poster.

So it's very simple; InDesign for the layout, illustrator as the name is telling you only for illustrations and photoshop only for photos.

If you keep those things in mid (almost) nothing can go wrong with your poster.

Source: Youtube