Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #11 – Professional Masking #2 (RAW Filter)

Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #11 – Professional Masking #2 (RAW Filter)

Hi Guys, welcome to part 2 of my professional masking tutorial series.

In This video I’m going to show you 2 other methods to improve your mask.

If the calculations method is not giving you the result you was hoping for you can give it a last push with these 2 techniques.

If you select your mask like this and go toFilter>Camera Raw Filter.

You are now able to improve your mask with these tools, it will give you better options than just using curves or levels.

You can also make the edges crispier by playing with the clarity or contrast values.

If there are still areas you wasn’t ableto fix you can also use the dodge and burn tool.

If you change the range of your dodge tool to shadows it won’t touch the lighter areas.

If you use the dodge tool and you want toquickly switch to the burn tool you can press and hold the ALT key, now you can switch really fast.

In part 3 of the masking series I’m goingto show you what you have to do to use the trees on a darker background without having a white border still around them.

Stay tuned and see you soon.

Thanks for watching.

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