Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #13 – Photo Manipulation By Kevin Roodhorst (CC 2017)

Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #13 – Photo Manipulation By Kevin Roodhorst (CC 2017)

Hi everybody, this is the one I’m goingto show you today.

The title of this project is Chocolate Barand started out as an experiment.

It was quite a challenge to keep the chocolate bars in place underneath the warm studio lamps.

Here are some making of shots I took.

I tried to keep them steady with some bignails as you can see.

I used a cheap light tent cube with 2x 40watt lamps.

In total I shot 132 inputs.

Let’s jump right in and I’ll walk youthrough the process.

This is one of the main pieces I started with.

I converted all the pieces into smart objects because I was moving them around and resizing them a lot.

As you can see I had to do a lot of retouching the make them look good.

I also added some main grading.

This is the other main piece I used.

Again some cleaning work that had to be done, and some main grading was added.

Now it was just time to play around with the other pieces and see what composition looked satisfying.

lets turn the other pieces on in this map.

Now if we go to the background you can see I made some Smoke behind the Chocolate Bars.

I used the brushtool for that.

Let’s also turn the tiny pieces and theparticles on.

The particles are also photographed by myself.

I also thought it would be cool to add some 3D elements.

Even though it doesn’t have a meaning oranything, it was just the challenge for me to intergrate some 3D into it.

I choose a greek theme to work with so I modelled some pillars and a temple complex and blended them into the chocolate bars.

I’m going to turn the 3d elements on 1 by1.

Now for the Main Grading I have a combination of adjustment layers and some soft brush strokes which I set to screen mode.

On top of the Main grading I merged everything and added some highlights and extra contrast.

And because I wasn’t satisfied just yetI added some Extra Grading layers on top.

The chocolate bar was also featured in a photoshop magazine and it received a feature on behance, which is really cool.

I hope you liked this walkthrough, see youguys around, take care.

Source: Youtube