Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #14 – Professional Masking #3 (Select And Mask)

Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #14 – Professional Masking #3 (Select And Mask)

Hi Guys, welcome to part 3 of my professional masking tutorial series.

In This video I’m going to show you howyou can improve your mask in a way you can use the trees on a darker background without having that white border around them.

Now If I’m going to put a black background behind the trees this is what it looks like.

We need to make a selection of the mask by pressing and holding ctrl or cmd on the mac and click on the mask thumbnail.

Now you want select the background thumbnail beside it, like this and go to SELECT and then to SELECT AND MASK.

You can leave everything as it is and headover to the output settings over here and check the box Decontaminate colors.

What this does is it’s trying to extendthe colors a little bit outside of your mask.

It’s not always turning out perfect,,, butif it does it will save you a lot of time.

I let it make a new layer with mask as youcan see here.

Let’s press OK and see how it turned out.

This is the difference between the two, it’snot bad but I think we need to fix the parts that don’t look good in other ways.

Before this option was available I alwaysused the clone stamp for fixing the white borders.

What you also can try is applying the mask of the mask and edge layer and selectively mask in areas you want to threat.

You may also want to try to make a selection of the mask and invert the selection and hide it by pressing ctrl or cmd H and start toslightly mask away some of the top like this.

Don't forget to unhide your selection when you're finished because it will stay active the entire time if you dont.

And now you can use the clone stamp for the final touches.

I think if you combine these methods together that you can create a very good mask to work with.

I'm just doing it real quick right now, but just to give you an idea.

I hope you liked this professional maskingtutorial series, the point of this series was really to show you different ways how to improve your mask, it's up to you which technique you prefer the most.

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