Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #3 – Photo Manipulation By Kevin Roodhorst (CC 2017)

Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #3 – Photo Manipulation By Kevin Roodhorst (CC 2017)

Hi guys, Kevin here! Thanks for joining me today.

I hope you like this one, it's called transcendence.

This visual is a little bit more complex than some of the other visuals.

It took me around 40 hours to complete this one, and that's mainly because I had to do a lot of experimenting first.

This is the stock photo I used for this project, a beautiful shot to start playing around with if you ask me.

This is what's left of her after brushingaway the parts I didn’t need.

Now Let’s turn on the main grading of the model.

Let’s jump to the top ornaments and turnthe layers on 1 by 1.

The shapes are are all drawn by hand and then combined with a texture.

For the bottom shape I ended up using a piece of a mirror frame.

And On top of the shapes I have drawn some white lines to add some detail.

Now Let’s turn on the ornaments and lighteffects behind the model.

The light effects are made in cinema 4d.

I combined several powder explosion stock photos for her hair as you can see.

Let’s jump back to the model and turn theretouch layer on, in the retouch layer I fixed her hair and other disturbing stuff.

Let’s turn on the light effects group, inthis group I have a lot of tiny details and light effects from cinema 4d.

Just going to turn them on 1 by 1.

After applying the overall grading, I madea copy merged on top and converted it to a smart object.

With the camera raw filter I added some clarity, some highlights and also adjusted the temperature slightly.

Again on top some grain to make everything look better.

Let’s do a quick before/after and see what the difference is.

This visual was also featured in a coupleof magazines, check this out.

Thanks again for watching guys, stay tuned for more videos.

Take care.

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