Black and Whit Drawing Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Black and Whit Drawing Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Copy Background Layer Desaturate:Image>Adjustments>Desaturate(Shift+Ctrl+U) Background Copy 2 Layer Image>Adjustments>Invert(Ctrl+I) Then Set Layer Model:color Dodge Filter>Other>Minimum.

Radius:1Pixels Double-click the layer.

Then Press "Alt" and drag the mouse to the right.

Adjust to the appropriate value Hit ok Select Background copy Layer and Background copy 2 Layer Merge layers (Ctrl+E) Create a new layer Add a mask to the layer Press Alt and Click the Mask icon Filter>Noise>Add Noise Hit Ok Filter>Blur>Motion Blur Angle:50 Distance:21pixels Image>Adjustments>Levels Create a layer.

(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E) Right-click the layer Convert to Smart Object Then Filter>Other>High Pass(Radius:1.

0pixels) Change the layer mode to"Soft Light".

Source: Youtube