Corel Font Manager Part 1

Corel Font Manager Part 1

Corel Font Manager Part 1 Font management applications are crucial in professions where the utilization, organization, and classification of a large number of fonts and typefaces are central to operations.

Corel Font Manager lets you control every aspect of your typography workflow and offers the tools you need.

You can browse and search online and local fonts, create font collections, and more.

An immediate text preview allows you to see at a glance, how the text will work within your design.

See at a glance which fonts are installed, uninstalled or system protected.

A yellow bar indicates fonts not yet installed.

A green bar shows the installed fonts.

Protected system fonts show a green bar and padlock icon.

Fonts from online collections that have not yet been downloaded or installed are shown in white.

Filtering helps you view fonts that meet only specific requirements.

For example, you can display TrueType fonts that haven’t yet been installed on your computer.

Filter quickly through your fonts to find exactly the style you need.

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