CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Node editing revamped

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Node editing revamped

What's new? Node editing revamped In the 2017 release we’ve redesigned many of the object editing controls to help you work more efficiently and accurately.

You'll notice that the new look: Improves the visibility of selected objects.

Boasts greater visual distinction between nodes, handles and selection types.

Offers greater interface customization.

And is simply a pleasure to look at.

Let's see some examples! Let's imagine that you're working on a vibrant party invitation.

Previously, selected nodes and handles were highlighted using inverted colors, in order to distinguish the selected objects from others.

However, on busy or pastel backgrounds this technique wasn't perfect, and sometimes it was difficult to even see the selected objects.

In 2017 we've updated how selected elements are represented.

Once selected, curves and other objects now stand out well against any background.

Each object control is now of a consistent color and very easy to see and grab.

We've also redesigned the node shapes, to make it easier to tell which nodes are symmetrical.



beginning, and end nodes.

Selected nodes are represented as solid shapes, while the unselected ones are white in the middle.

While editing multiple curves in 2017, the main and secondary curves are easier to distinguish against difficult backgrounds.

Lastly, we know that everyone works a little differently.

Your creativity can't be tamed, which is why we built these improvements with you in mind.

The new "Nodes and Handles" page will allow you to tailor your object and curve editing tools to your workflow.

Adjust node and handle size.

Choose the size and shape of nodes.

You can now choose the color of main and secondary selection colors to suit your needs.

Customize colors.

Or simply revert to the legacy node handle, and preview rendering style.

Customize your workflow from the ground up!.

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