CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Verbesserte Knotenbearbeitung

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Verbesserte Knotenbearbeitung

What's New? Improved Node Editor For version 2017, we redesigned many of the controls for object processing, to enable a more efficient and precise operation.

You will notice that thanks to the new look: the selected objects are easier to see, the different node, Ziehpunkt- and selection types are easier to distinguish, the user interface is easier to customize and the surface is simply beautiful to look at.

Let's look at some examples! Let's say you are working on an invitation for a party.

Previously, the nodes and handles were labeled with inverted colors, to the selected objects to be distinguished from each other.

However, before an uneasy or pastel colored background, this was not ideal, and sometimes the selected objects were difficult to detect.

For version 2017, we have improved the presentation of the selected items.

The object control elements are now marked in color and easily identify and select.

We have also redesigned the nodes forms making it easier to see whether it around symmetrical.



Start or end node is.

Selected nodes are shown as filled molds, While not selected node in the middle of white.

In the curve editor in 2017, the primary and secondary curves easier to detect from difficult backgrounds.

We know that all users are working a little bit different.

In order not to limit your creativity, we have made these improvements for you.

On the new page "nodes and handles" you can use the object and Curve editing tools to customize your workflow.

Adjust the size of the knots and handles.

Select the size and shape of the nodes.

Now you can choose the color for the main and secondary selection color Select your requirements.

Adjust the colors.

Or simply return to the Node Editor and back to the preview style of the previous version.

Customize your workflow right from the ground up!.

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