CorelDRAW X8 Atualização Free Docker QR Code do @corelnaveia

CorelDRAW X8 Atualização Free Docker QR Code do @corelnaveia

personal hello and two servers Corelna Vein p personnel who monitor agent in the media.

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my thanks for your presence and today I'm going to bring you here one Raido video just to show to show you that our is our QR Code, our Docker QR Code.

is also plump, plump working In CorelDRAW X8.

We will ta seeing it now after our vignette Well.

I open my vu here CorelDRAW to see you said now in full Ok, this one is the X8! The crowd is already there with him, already can ta enjoying it, let me open here a recent file is ours, our opening video, and will also be the cover of the video here on YouTube.

If you are here on YouTube, does not fail to give that Joinha! it helps a lot there, we continue our project.

Here ta MSSA QR Code.

Super easy! Caught there in the website address, let me abrirr here in.

the website address here.

For example my right, here we take a CTRL + C going back there, select here! and gives a.


and then you choose the size! Even before scheme! Okay, I'll put here with 50, I will ask to generate here! it has already generated.

Recalling that the object manager it creates a layer called QR-CODE OK? Group of objects, here I had another, in this document, so I have created another.

If you do not, you blow it here! OK people.

I will're closing ale here.

Because you have seen that it is installed, and I'll ta showing how we install it! in CorelDRAW! I'll close here my CorelDRAW, it will complain here to save, I will not save.

And it goes from the message of my.

13 days missing here because it is a trial version! Vour close here.

And we will now open our, our Crackler.

the Docker.

For us poider.

see how this is the same installer.

Will you give-click it, it will apply for authorization.

and you will open our custom installer.

Here are we have it, like the other too! Only this one is already to X8 version.

Then I'll uninstall the mine, because I already have it installed ok Uninstall Complete! Quickly, anyway! I'll close it! Corel will open again for us to check it out! And so he April, I'll check here where's the Docker! She is not here I'm going to open a new document! Right here! OK And you'll see it now.

! windows docker.

and down here he's not here OK! So aquoi he has the hint and other.


ordinary dockers.

Ok now we will close again and will install ,.

he goes.

dinovo the message and we will use the installer here for us to do installation! Double click it, it will ask permission! you give permission, it will open here our custom installer as I said here are the terms.

and now we will here this Install.

so if you click Install, immediately already appears here o.

Installation Complete! It's just you give Quick here, or close here! And you reopen your CorelDRAW to make see if everything is OK If everything is rolling.

Remembering that this Docker, she also works in Off-Line Ie if you are a fallen internet.

it will also work! This is a partnership of @CorelnaVeia with 630 bonus! And he sent me this update so I're showing to you and you'll're lowering it there on our website and also here on youtube by clicking on the links in the video description, do not forget also, if subscribe to Channel if you are not registered! and also to share on your social networks.

Let us now here in Window! now docker and now we have here at the end our Docher QR Code and it will open normally here! To copy the address, as I said give Ctrl + V here! and then just one click! Here I will open a new document.

Here the new shortcut that already had the X7 right.

The new tab will Create a QR Code here.

Already now pasted just create here, chose the size, will I'll put here with even 20! And I will create at ZXing same ok! it will already create here quickly and VECTOR is as I said we.

and will object manager and we have here the VECTOR you can change the color of both the both the background when the qr code according to your need! That's it folks.

easy, easy, easy.

you can install.

you will be receiving this entirely free is a partnership as I said Bonus 630 with Corel in Vein and when you're with your QR Code open.

right there you will power is.

Go straight to the site of our friend and to my! Well.

I went here for five minutes was enough ta here Ta here docker you will receive totally free, you do not yet know the website.

our friend here, you click here in link that will be in their own QR Code! and also do not forget that she has, as well as URL, it has text, email, phone.

Vcard and also SMS ok, the most widely used geralmnente is the QR Code URL it automatically validates all QR Codes that are made in it are already validated! With internet or no internet! OK people!!! I hope you like it, do not forget to share and also to enjoy.

our publication to that we can continue with our with our tests! In the next video you will see ta ai.

How to make an installation MACRO in CorelDRAW X8 because we had some changes in folders.

I'll're showing it to you in the next video, if you want to click the link down here or also in the video description feel free.

Thank you so much guys to the next then I'll go there in the Face agrader everyone there that left her there to support me.

with my personal problem here with my mother, she's much better already! I thank many same aaa.

the support of all is the love that you had with me and.

and also say to you that without you It would be very difficult to continue this work me very concerned with.


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support us and we are already back already.

my thanks and even personal approaches.

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