Create Color Charts with the Color Chart Creator Extension in CorelDRAW X8

Create Color Charts with the Color Chart Creator Extension in CorelDRAW X8

In this tutorial, we're going to examinethe Color Chart Creator Extension within CorelDraw x8.

The color chart creatorlets you create grids of colors, known as a color chart, from stock or custom colorpalettes.

You can use color charts as a visual reference by displaying them onscreen, or printing them out.

This is a great way to either match acolor based on a customer's requirement or to send the color chart to a customerfor reference.

To access this extension if you've already downloaded it, simplygo to Tools, down to Macros, Run Macro and you'll locate it under Macros In andselect Color Chart Creator.

If you have not yet downloaded it, simplyclick on the welcome screen, select Get More Extensions, and here you find thecolor chart creator and it's simply a matter of selecting the download button.

BecauseI've already downloaded it, my button reads remove.

I'm going toclose this out.

Let's go back to our title slide.

Inorder to use the color chart creator, I must have the specific palette thatwant to create a chart for opened on screen.

Going to go to my Windows menu, down to Color Palettes, and then down to Color Palette Manager.

this will open up my Color Palette Panager Docker on the right hand side, and here you can see I have access to the variouscolor palettes with in CorelDRAW.

I'm going to select the Roland color librarysystem.

It brings the pallet on screen.

I couldeasily select any one of the other ones as well.

To use this extension: Tools > Macros > Run I'm going to select Color Chart Creator, and then I'll click on run.

Notice in here, that I have the ability of selecting anyone of the pallets that are currently open on screen.

I'm going to select the Roland colorsystem library.

I have the ability of adding the date as well as the printer name.

My thumbnail spacing will dictate how far apart these swatches are and I can give them an outline or not.

I choose not to give an outline.

Now it's simply a matter of clicking okay.

What it's going to do in the backgroundis it's going to create a new document, gather all these colors, and put thisinformation into a multi-page document that i can then save as a PDF, or printit out.

And there you have it, that's all there is to it.

Quite simple, quite easy.

I can pagethrough these various pages and you can see the color chart that's created forme.

As I said this is a great resource to print this out to show it to a customer, maybe the customer's bringing in a garment that they want to try and match the color to.

Great way to do this.

If youtake a closer look at the color palette you'll notice that it has not only thetints, but also the Roland color name associated with that.

If you enjoyed thistutorial and you're looking for additional resources, head on over to the discovery center atlearn.



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