Curso de CorelDraw X7 – Capítulo 07 – Arquivos

Curso de CorelDraw X7 – Capítulo 07 – Arquivos

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Chapter 7 – Archives In this chapter, we will show the most used features of the "File" menu where you learn how to work with files across all documents are made in CorelDraw The topics to be presented are New Open and close To save Import and Export Paper Properties New topic New CorelDRAW is a feature that lets you create a new document from scratch or from an existing computer model This feature is always used when we want to create another document to be filed with different name When we run CorelDraw application, the new document is created automatically at we switch the option New blank document But instead we close CorelDraw and open it again, we will use this feature In blank To create a new blank document, click the File / New menu or click the New button which is the standard bar Then a dialog box where you define the page settings the document being created Observe the dialog box Create a new document and the explanations of resources most used Name – Lets you enter the document name Default destination – Contains a list of default destinations for the document as Web, RGB and CMYK Size – Selects the size of the pages of the document Width – Sets the width of the document Height – Set the height of the document Number of Pages – Allows you to set the amount of page that will be created along the document Primary Color Mode – Allows you to choose the primary color mode for the document The default color mode affects the mixing of the color effect as a fill mixtures transparencies Rendering Resolution – Set the resolution of the effects that are likely to be converted, as the effects of transparency, shading and beveling Display Mode – Allows you to select the most like viewing mode the final output of the document After all the settings, click the OK button Based on Model feature that lets you create a document based on an existing model in CorelDraw So far, we have learned how to create a document from scratch Right now, we will teach how to create a document from an existing template in CorelDraw When we install the package CorelDRAW X7, the application has a number of models They can be utilized to create the document quickly and simply To create a new document template based, click the File menu / New based in model Then a dialog box where you will choose the model a document After selecting a template, click the Open button With the inserted template to your document, you can make changes as texts fill, outline, effects, etc.

page property Are page settings such as size, orientation, units, etc.

You can make these changes as soon as you create a new document through its property bar Note the page properties bar explanations for commonly used features Paper Size – Allows you to select a page size for the document page dimensions – Specifies the width and height of the page by numbers Portrait – Enables the paper orientation to stand up Landscape – Enables the paper orientation to lie down All pages – Apply the page size to all pages in the document Current page – Apply the page size to the current page only drawing units – Select a unit of measure for the document Distance offset – Sets the distance to move objects via the keyboard Duplicate distance – Sets the distance between the object and the duplicate object Treat all objects as filled – Allows unfilled objects to be selected by clicking inside them Topic Open and Close Open is to load previously saved documents Faram Through this feature, you can view, change, print, among others through this document loaded Open a File To open a file that was previously saved, click the File / Open menu or click the Open button which is the standard bar Then a dialog box which displays a list of files in was saved folder where With the open dialog box, select one of the listed files and click the Open button open Recent Through this feature, you find a list of files that have been recently accessed that can be used as a quick opening To access this list, click the File / Open Recent menu Then, a list of files that have been recently accessed To access a list of files, just click on his name extensions File extensions are suffixes that denote their shape and mainly the role they play on the computer On the Windows platform, every file type has its length that differs from the others among millions existing in each machine Each file extension is functioning and characteristics, therefore calls for a specific software to work with it There are extensions for various purposes, then we separate them into categories better organizing things See a list of extensions that CorelDraw can save your document Display Mode Are ways in which the files will be shown in the list displayed in the box Open Drawing dialog Through this case, we can make several changes to your display to better display their work When we work a lot with graphic arts of CorelDraw, very used to display miniatures, therefore, this display shows the file contents for easy location Saved documents To make changes to your view, click the Switch View button that is in the Open Drawing dialog box Then select the view that it is most appropriate to your location Closing a File Close is a feature that lets you close the current document allowing to save the document so it can be viewed later When long document open at the same time, the computer's memory will now be busier making the CorelDRAW application to operate so slowly For this reason, we must always close your documents to avoid this problem To close the current document, click the File / Close menu If the file has been saved before activating this feature, the document is closed immediately But if the file has changed or has not yet been saved, a confirmation box will appear asking to save Close All You can also close all documents at once in case is over-opened files To close all documents, click the File menu / Close all You can use the close button to close the current document topic Save Save is a feature that lets you save documents made in the application in a folder or computer unit with its name Through this feature, you can save multiple documents that are made in CorelDraw to be displayed later We recall that the previous years, we made the save using the button Close the application Now, we will explain how to save the document without having to close the application Save a File To save the current document, click the File / Save menu Then a dialog box where you define the location (drive or folder) the file name, type, even the file version To save the current file, just set the folder location or drive where it will be saved and enter the file name, and then click the Save button You can also save the document using the Save button is on the Standard bar Save a Copy feature that lets you save a copy of a file that was saved anteriorment Through this feature, you can create another file with the same changing content only the name, location, file settings, among others to the rescue To save a copy of the file, click the File menu / Save As Then do the same procedure as stated in the above explanations versions Through the Version box, you can change to the previous version so that other computers containing the older application to view the file The CorelDRAW X7 features several versions to make the file is compatible for various app versions To change the version, just select another version shown in the list properties When you save the file, you can define your property such as title, subject classification, among others to facilitate their location and identification later Note the properties boxes that can be set Topic Import and Export Import is a feature that allows you to take an image of the document to other formats quick and practical manner Export is a feature that allows you to transform a selected document or object in a file with different format Import a File When you have lots of pictures, figures, even text document, you can import all for the current document in a very simple way To import an image, click the File / Import menu Then select an image and click the Import button You can also use the Import button that is on the standard bar Exporting a File Often, CorelDraw is not installed on most computers, so in this way much use export With export, we can transform the selected document or object in a image of any format available to CorelDRAW To export a selected object, click the File / Export menu Then a dialog box asking you to give a name for the file and select the format you want to export this object Only through the selected option, the application will allow only objects that we were selected to be exported by the type to be defined key Extensions The most widely used format for export object in CorelDRAW is in JPG format – JPEG bitmaps.

As this format is supported on all computers In this teaching, we'll show how to export the object in JPG format For each of these formats has different configurations through the wizard Note the file type list that can be exported After defining the extension and the file name, click the Export button Then it will open a dialog box for the file extension that was selected With this box, you can set various settings such as color mode transformations, etc.

Color Mode Lets you choose the amount of color that is applied to the object being exported The higher number of bits of color, the better your view on the computer screen Note the list of colors in the Color Mode box transformations It allows you to customize the size of the image being exported With this tool, we can set the number of millimeters or even pixels according to the defined unit of measure We remember that the higher your t tilling, greater will be the file (byte) After setting all export settings, click the OK button You can also use the Export button that is located on the standard bar Publish to PDF feature that lets you export the document to the PD file format Through this format, you can view the file on any computer that has program to view PDF files This file can be used to print or read To make this publication, click the File / Publish menu in PDF Then opens a dialog box for you to set the name, file location file settings, etc.

Once you make all the settings, click the Save button You can also use the Publish to PDF button which is in the standard bar Topic Document Properties Document Properties is a feature that allows you to show all the detail of the document informing the page number, objects, colors, text statistics, etc.

Through this feature, you can also change your entering property with the name title, subject, author, and among others to your document To access this feature, click the File menu / Document Properties Then a dialog box telling you all the details of the document Data to Fill Through their boxes, you can fill in the data document information Document Details With this box, you can view all details REVIEW Through this review, we will show the steps of this application exercises contained in the book Mastering CorelDRAW X7 Pay close attention to the details of each stage, the tools used, etc.

If in case you can not keep up, repeat the review step to reach understanding and the object of the exercise 1.

Open CorelDRAW X7 application.


Create a new blank document.


Make the following page changes through property bar below: The.

Page Width: 215 mm B.

page height: 315 mm w.

Orientation: Portrait 4.

This drawing below obeying the shapes, colors and effects: 5.

Save the document in the default folder with the name Exercise Chapter 7 – A.


Close the saved file.


Create a new template-based document called Brochures – Dentist brochure.


Make changes through the model created.


Save the document in the default folder with the name Exercise Chapter 7 – B.


Close the saved file.


Open the file called Exercise Chapter 7 – A.


Close the saved file.


Open the file called Exercise Chapter 7 – B.


Close the saved file.


Reopen the file called Exercise Chapter 7 – A.


Save a copy of the file with the name Exercise Chapter 7 – C with the following properties below: The.

Title: Exercise Practice B.

Subject: Computer Course w.

Rating: 5 Star d.

Brand: Remin and.

Comments: This exercise is a practice of CorelDRAW Chapter 7 f.

Version: Version 14 17.

Close the target file.


Reopen the file called Exercise Chapter 7 – A.


Import an image into the current document.


Delete the imported image.


Save your changes.


Export this design with the name Exercise Chapter 7 – in JPG format with the following configurations: The.

Color Mode: RGB Color (24 bit) B.

Unit: Pixels w.

Keep Ratio: Off d.

Width: 2000 pixels and.

Height: 3000 pixels 23.

Publish this document in PDF format with the Exercise name Chapter 7 – A.


Check your files through the Windows File Explorer.


Display the document property and make the following changes below: The.

Author: Your Name.


confirm the change.


Save the file changes.


Close the saved file.


Close the application.

CONGRATULATIONS You have just completed another chapter of CorelDRAW X7 Next, we will pass the theoretical evaluation to test your understanding of the topics presented.

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Be sure to practice with the exercise of the teaching material and exercise book to remember the topics.

Any questions, ask your instructor.

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