Curso de CorelDraw X7 – Capítulo 17 – Textos

Curso de CorelDraw X7 – Capítulo 17 – Textos

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Chapter 17 – Texts In this chapter we will teach how to use text in the document allowing the organization next to the object through the menu "Text" The topics to be presented are: formatting Edition Object hyphenation topic Formatting Formatting is the process that allows you to prepare the text with different format such as changes color, size, font type, style, among others through their tools In previous chapters, we show some basic features by text tool In this chapter, we will show deeper resources when it comes to formatting advanced by the Text menu Text Properties It contains several tools for text formatting such as font types, types of text fill and background, styles, effects, paragraphs, table, etc.

When we want to do a full format to the selected text, use very this feature to be easier To do full formatting to selected text, click the Text menu Text Properties Then the text properties panel will open right side of the document For most of these tools work, type text by text box to current document guides tool that lets you make changes to measurements and alignments of tabs used in the texts that are written in the text box When we draw the text box, we note that the markers formed an "L" are in rule with the defined measures To make these changes, you can click on these markers and drag to either side so that the tabs are modified When we use the TAB key, the data spacing to the text, they are dependent on these measures defined in tabs To make changes to tabs with more advanced features, click the Text menu guides Then the guides dialog box will open right side of the document With this box, you can guide the local changes, as tabs type of alignment, removal and other After making all the changes, click the OK button columns Are divisions of texts in two or more parts of the document When we talk about divisions, newspapers and magazines are used for the columns of text become much more elegant and easy understanding of their reading The texts that have a large volume, can be used two or more columns To make a division of selected text, click the Text / Columns menu Then a column Settings dialog box will open for you make all settings divisions as the number of columns, width measurements and spacing, etc.

After making all the settings, click the OK button Bookmarks They are symbols that mark each paragraph of the list Through bookmarks, you can make a list of names and add bookmarks in each of the list To create markers in a selected list, click the Text menu Bookmarks Then a Markers dialog box will appear offering various features such as source symbol size, offset, spacing, etc.

After making all the settings, click the OK button Capitulation feature that allows you to apply the first paragraph of the letter occupying a prominent two or more lines When we do several texts, always in the first chapter of the sentence contains the first larger font for the text to be highlighted more To apply a highlight on the first letter of the selected paragraph, click the Text menu Capitulation Then a rendition dialog box will open offering many features like number of advanced lines, spacing, etc.

After making all the settings, click the OK button topic Issue When it comes to text in CorelDRAW document, very important tools for editing are always present in the application The main editing tools can be used as before or after making a text through the Text menu Edit Text Lets you open a text edit box where it will be inserted throughout the text and application of formatting To make this issue to the selected text, click the My Text / Edit Text Then a Text Edit dialog box will appear allowing you to make several changes such as formatting, text entry, editing options, among others After doing all the typing and formatting, click the OK button insert Character It allows you to place the symbols based document in Windows fonts When we want to insert a drawing that contains the forms of tool use very inserting characters For this feature brings thousands of symbols installed in character fonts system To access this feature, click the Text / Insert Character menu Then an Insert Character panel will open right side of the document Through this panel, you can choose the font characters and the symbol of your choice Just drag the symbol for the document to be inserted Insert Formatting Code It contains several features for entering text formatting code in a box text to automatically formatted When we want to make any changes through formatting code, we use much this feature To access these features, click the Text menu / Insert Formatting Code Then you will see a formatting code list Simply select one of the formatting codes of your choice to make formatting Object topic Lets relate a text to the object according to the available effect Through the created object, we can make several changes in the text according with the object format through the Text menu tools Adjust the text to the path It lets you adjust the text to the object path quickly and conveniently With this feature, you can make a round object and place the text around the object To make the alignment of the selected object to the text of the text, click the Text menu Adjust the text to the path Then click anywhere on the object you want to make your way through the text a black arrow pointing right Through the ready way, you can make changes to the property bar To separate the text of the way, just click the Object / Separate text menu straighten Text It allows you to restore the text which was separated from the path to a straight line To do this straightening the selected text, click the Text menu straighten Text Align Text to Baseline It allows you to align the separate text on a base document When we want to align text on a baseline, use this feature to quickly and practice To do this alignment to the selected text, click the Text menu Align Text to Baseline topic hyphenation Separations are syllables in words not in the same line when complete arriving late The texts containing the syllable separation are much more presented in boxes texts when we justify in their alignment Through this application, we can use some very important tools for hyphenation through the Text menu use hyphenation It allows you to enable or disable hyphenation of the selected text box To enable this feature, click the Text / Use Hyphenation menu Hyphenation Settings It allows access various hyphenation settings through your dialog To have this access, click the Text menu / Hyphenation Settings Then a Hyphenation dialog box will open allowing you to make various settings to automatically hyphenate, separate upper and lower case words and also some criteria for hyphenation After making all the changes, click the OK button Text Editing Tools Allows gives you access various editing tools like spell reviewer, grammar language, etc.

To access these tools, click the Text menu / Text Editing Tools Then open a menu alongside with various tools See the Statutory Spelling dialog box and some basic explanations.

When a word is correct and is shown in its correct box use the Ignore All button When the word is wrong and suggestions are shown in the replacement list use the Replace button REVIEW Through this review, we will show the steps of this application exercises contained in the book Mastering CorelDRAW X7 Pay close attention to the details of each stage, the tools used, etc.

If in case you can not keep up, repeat the review step to reach understanding and the object of the exercise 1.

Open CorelDRAW X7 application.


Create a new blank document.


Create a text box to the size of 180.

0 mm wide and 120.

0 mm in height and type the text below: 4.

Make a spell check through the text editing tool.


With the text box selected, apply the following formats below with the text of the properties feature: The.

List Source: Times New Roman B.

Font Size: 12 pt w.

Font Style: Normal d.

Type Fill: Fill Uniform and.

Color text: C-20; M-50; Y-75; K-10 f.

Alignment: Justification Total 6.

With the text box selected, apply the following formats below with columns feature: The.

Number of speakers: 2 7.

With the text box selected, apply the following formats below with the Capitulation feature: The.

Use Capitulation: On B.

Advanced Number of lines: 3 w.

After rendition space: 1.

0 mm d.

Use indentation style shifted to surrender: On 8.

Enter the title of the above text that was entered following the size and the effect shown below: 9.

Insert this character shown below by Wingdings and red.


Write the number of your phone just ahead of the character entered.


Make the format of your choice.


Through the text box selected, open the Edit Text tool and add the following text below the last paragraph: 13.

Increase the text box 165 mm high.


Through the selected text box, enable the hyphenation.


Enter Android Lollipop and adjust the path of the ellipse as shown below: The.

Text Orientation: 2nd option B.

Distance Path: 1.

5 mm w.

Displacement: 1.

5 mm d.

Font size: 24 pt 17.

Select and delete only the ellipse.


Save the document in the default folder with Exercise name of Chapter 17 – A.


Close the document.


Close the application.

CONGRATULATIONS You have just completed another chapter of CorelDRAW X7 Next, we will pass the theoretical evaluation to test your understanding of the topics presented.

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Be sure to practice with the exercise of the teaching material and exercise book to remember the topics.

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