How to be a zero-cost traveler – Realistic photo manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

How to be a zero-cost traveler – Realistic photo manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Welcome to another Photoshop tutorial in today's tutorial I'm going to show you how you can create a photo to trick people to believe that you are actually a "travel master" it's just like putting yourself onto a picture of Paris tower and telling the whole world that you actually went there when you actually didn't Like this picture that you see here, there's a backpacker what you see here is actually he looks like he is entering the forest and it looks like there's a photographer that is behind him that took this photo for him There are 2 pictures that are involved in this tutorial first, there is this picture of the forest and there's this backpacker which I cropped him out from this picture over here Here we go before we begin, what you need to know first is that when you trying to create a photo illusion like this you need to be very careful not to make a mistake with the color and also with the depth of field i'm gonna be using this forest picture as the background and I'm gonna go this image of the backpacker and I'm just gonna cut him out I've actually prepared this picture beforehand so I'm just gonna go the "Channels" window which has a selection that I have already made I'm gonna load this selection as a precaution, make sure that your selection is precise then apply a 1px feather to the selection Duplicate the selection to make a copy of the backpacker so that he is cut out and separated from the background so now I'm gonna move him over to the image of the forest and because he's a little bit too big I'm gonna use the Free Transform (CTRL+T) to make him a little bit smaller and fit him into the picture to about a size like this What you notice here now is the colors of the backpacker and the background don't match The backpacker has a softer color tone and the color of the background has more contrast What I'm gonna do here is to add an "adjustment layer" click on the adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the Layers window and choose "Curves" and before anything is done, I'm gonna clip the adjustment layer so that it affects only the backpacker layer and I'm gonna change the blend more from "Normal" to "Luminosity" so that it only affects the highlight and contrast and I'm just gonna bring down the brightness a little and a bit like this over here so now it gives a little bit more contrast to the backpacker now, the brightness and contrast is done I'm gonna add another "curves" adjustment layer and again, clip it to the backpacker's layer and change the blend mode from "Normal" to "Color" the purpose is to change the color tone from a more bluish tone to match a more yellowish and reddish tone of the background Here, I'm gonna first adjust the red channel by bringing down the red highlights a little bit and bring down the midtones and push up the shadows a little so the darker part will look more reddish and the brighter part will have a more cyan feel and the next channel is the green channel again I'm gonna bring down the green highlights a bit like this, and I'm gonna push up the green shadows and bring down the highlight midtones and finally for the blue channel, I'm gonna bring down the highlights for quite a bit so now you see it becomes really yellow and it's starting to blend in with the background * inaudible blabbering * so, I'm satisfied with the color outcome (just push up a little blue here) Now you can see that if I turn off the color curves you can see that there's a huge difference in the color and if I turn off the luminosity layer there's really a huge difference in the contrast and looks a little more realistic The next thing is to create the depth of field I'm gonna modify the background layer to give it depth Gonna first duplicate this background layer go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur The gaussian blur will blur out the background adjust the blur to about 3.

5 pixels let's say I'm using a F2.

8 aperture so a blur of 3.


5px will give a very nice blurry image you don't wanna blur it too much because you don't wanna spoil the background like if you go traveling, you will want the background inside gonna go hit OK now you see that the forest is a little blurry right now it creates a very nice depth of field Now, the final part is this, on the backpacker right now you should see a very slight black outline around the edges of the backpacker the black outline will actually give away your photo So we're going to delete this outline by using a very simple step just load the selection of this backpacker Goto select > modify > contract this contract will reduce the area of your selection by a number of pixels which I'm gonna do it for 1px so now the selection has become smaller by 1px add a feather of 3px radius then, select inverse so that the selection goes outside and around the backpacker of course, make sure to select the backpacker's layer and hit the delete key for about 2-3 times once you've done that, you will find that the black outline has disappeared now the edges are really smooth so when I zoom out from this picture from afar, you can actually be fooled by the picture itself (omg! it looks so real!).

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