How to Design Simple 3D Effect Text Vector in CorelDRAW

How to Design Simple 3D Effect Text Vector in CorelDRAW

welcome again on our channel vid'SIGN as usual, we will discuss some tutorials are simple and easy to understand by those willing to learn and we recommend and we recommendyou can always visit our channel in order to get some tutorials in order to get some tutorialswe explain in the video we explain in the next videothat we will make well, this time we will discuss tutorial I make the text like 3D 3D Text effect well, we immediately begin the text to be alone.

I make 3D, using My channel name text VIDSIGN.

and I use type font "arial black" I exaggerated ok, as usual.

background of vidsign It was red, then I'll take the red here is red, so as not to look formal, so I immediately.

separating each letter that there is, then.

in combination with some transform I separate the first with Ctrl + K or "break appart" artistic text, ok to shortcut normally.

using a shortcut or yet to be standard, when you.

rotate / tranform or rotation simply click 2x, then play, but you can not once set the size then the shortcut that should be used is press the shift key, then rotate and shear, then this automatic function to set the size and also for the rotation.

ok, enough of just click then I somewhat exaggerated Click 2x to rotation, I.

press shift, then I slide ok, I do the same thing on.

the other letters of his fairly easy, either already all.

now i weld, stitch them together and serve as a curve we make the curve, shaping.

weld it will automatically turn into a curve well, after that we create one contour outside then I gave 0.

3 I must first try.

ok seemed too big I give it 0.

2 0.


too small I add 0.

15 ok, enough.

here they last contour, then I would separate contour effect this manner break contour arrange.

example, when you click the curve only then the contour will not appear, how to.

contour appears the first is we can.

sliding a bit.

sorry This nah, back to contour or click contournya itself then automatically, we is in contour, then we break appart.

yet when just at the click of the curve.

the object then arrange its not going to break appart active, therefore click contournya effect after the break appart ok, enough.

I give it a white color which I give red after that I created its 3D effect using extrude ok, just.

nah here I can change the effect of some.

I gave an example.


colors I was a bit.

the color is a bit old old gradation seems too old.

more riding lagi.

Ok, please seems to have different color ok so you can just enough to.

for its 3D effects then this is his white you can give transparency ok, vidsign.

then if you want added some to this effect.

I duplicate.

I duplicate to press the "+" and then I arrange break appart.

so here without infringing upon the above, which is.

I ungrup, then in weld.

Ok I remove the middle part of this disturbing, ok enough then I give contour again apply.

I just took part contournya only.

I "Ctrl + K" to break appart, ok.

I give.

at the very bottom Ctrl + PgDn.

ok enough which I give red color, but.

older or I can take away from here Ok and that I could add a few.


This then click the color white ok, a little touch.

simple ok.


which is also I gave white that here also I gave too white ok pretty much to add.

but enjoy the process in design, because that intiya in a work who enjoy is the process.

and the result is a bonus.

the results can be good it is someone a bonus and enjoy the rewards it.

ok It is enough this is the simple effect of our may be useful.

if you want to add some effects.

I give a little example here gradations small, black effect.

then i change.

"convert to bitmap" 300 enough, then I give blur gaussian blur, then I remove I explained her exalted ok, this.

seems pretty.

ok effects easily Okay, thank you This is a simple video of us may be useful stay creative and think first.

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