how to make a MOTION BLUR in PHOTOSHOP tutorial

how to make a MOTION BLUR in PHOTOSHOP tutorial

How to Make a Motion Blur in Photoshop Tutorial I'm going to show you how to create a PathBlur, so this is really interesting.

It's a new addition to the Blur Gallery andit enables us to put objects into motion across paths in different shapes.

So here we go, we got Lina holding my Ibanez.

I would never let her really swing this aroundand start smashing things up in the studio, but I can definitely make it look that way.

So let's go under the Filter.

We're going to go down to the Filter hereand we're going to go down to the Blur gallery.

And under Blur gallery, we're going to grabthe Path Blur.

So, now, here you'll see this little pathand what you can do is you can change the direction so you just drag this, and whatit will do is it will change the direction of wherever we want that motion to happen.

So, we can change the Speed here and we canalso change the Taper, so if you want it to kind of taper off, we can do that, but letme turn it off here.

What I'm going to do is I actually want tomake it look like she's swinging the guitar around, so you can actually grab the centerpoint and we can pull this out and create a little bit of a curve.

So let me bring it back to about there, andthen, let me bring the speed down a little bit so you can see it better, so it lookslike we're kind of swinging the guitar a little bit, but there's other features that we cando in here.

If we turn on the Edit the Blur Shapes, withthe Blur Shapes, we can literally go down here and we can exaggerate the movement byhitting these little red points here, see that, so we can really change that up.

So, you can see that we can do all kinds ofthings.

Notice how it's blurring the entire backgroundand everything with it.

So these are just kind of really interestinglittle shapes here, so let's get this where I'm going to bring it down a little bit andI just really want to kind of want this guitar being swung, so I'm just going to pull itdown more this way.

There we go.

It's looking pretty good and just bring thatin.

All right, so we've got some movement happeninghere.

Let's play around with the taper a littlebit and the speed just to kind of get it where we want it.

Now, obviously, we've got this kind of swingingaround, but we've got all these blurring going on with her too, so it's not too useful rightnow.

So what we're going to do is I'm actuallygoing to protect this area.

I'm just going to click once to add a newtool, so we're going to add another blur, and I'm just going to grab at the bottom.

So what I'm going to do now is I'm just goingto use this one here to protect the rest of the image.

So this is what we do, we go over it, we selectit.

And I'm going to hit the Ctrl key and you'llsee this little symbol; double click and that will set that to zero.

Let's go down the bottom.

Do the same thing, double click, and thatwill set that to zero.

So what we've done now is, essentially, we'veprotected this area here.

Now, we can even bend this so you can allowsome of this other blurring to kind of creep in there a little bit and it kind of makesit look a little more natural.

If I move this over, you'll see how the blurwill start to affect different parts of the photo.

Let me just pull this over here where I'mnot protecting it so much anymore.

There we go.

So what you want to do is just kind of comein here, find an area where you feel like you've got a good balance where it's lookinga little bit more believable.

So, here, it's kind of looking quite believableand we've got the guitar swinging.

Now I can change this.

Let me bring it up a little bit more and I'mgoing to bring it this way, so we'll just, maybe, even bring it up a little bit morehere and I'm going to pull that midpoint up there, so now it looks like more of the swingis happening from there, but let me bring it in.

There we go.

So you just want to kind of experiment withthis a little bit until you find the right settings for you, and this is actually nottoo bad.

I feel like if I just click OK now and applythis, we can see we've got a little bit of motion there now that's happening, as if she'sswinging that guitar and, of course, you know, there's no guitars harmed in the making ofthis.

Now the other way you could do this, too,is you could actually just start with the unblurred layer, duplicate the layer, addthe blur to the duplicate, and mask it.

In fact, why don't I just revert this rightnow and I'll show you the other way of doing that right now just so you can see how thatworks.

So what I'm going to do is I'm just goingto revert this image back to the unblurred one.

I'm going to pop this on the top, and then,we're just going to choose the Filter.

We're going to go back to the Blur galleryand I'm going to go back to the Path blur, and I'll show you what we're going to do here.

We're just going to add a blur just quicklyand let's just grab it like that, and increase the speed a bit.

Okay, so we've got that movement happeningnow and I'm just going to click OK.

So I've applied it and, now, what we're goingto do is create a mask, but I'm going to hide the mask and you hit the Option key and click,and now I'm going to create a hidden mask.

Now all I need to do now is just paint inwith the white and I can paint in the blur exactly where I want it to work, so I'm obviouslygoing to use a much smaller brush than this.

And you're going to bring the Opacity downso you can kind of build it up, so we're going for a little bit more realism this time.

So what I'm doing is I'm just painting themovement on to the top part of this guitar, and there we go.

We can see where it kind of looks like it'smoving now and just, maybe, a little bit on her and we're able to use the mask now tocreate that movement.

So it's a little bit more subtle.

We could even go down here a little bit more.

Actually, let me undo this.

What I'm going to do is bring it down a littlebit more and I'm just going to kind of paint it up here so we've got the movement happeningon the guitar, but mostly at the end.

There we go.

And I'm going to go down on this end and paintit out a little bit too because if she'll be swinging it, she'll be swinging it fromthis end as well.

So we've got the areas where the motion wouldbe happening now, maybe a little bit on the arm here as well.

So, now, what we've got is the motion happeningwhere motion really would be happening, in the shoulder, maybe a little bit in the hair,so it's kind of moving, flying around a little bit.

There we go.

So, now, it looks like we're swinging thisguitar in _[00:05:57] I think.

Masking it this way, I can make it just alittle bit more realistic than I can directly inside the Blur gallery.

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