Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform Someone into a Huge Chalk Drawing on a Brick Wall

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform Someone into a Huge Chalk Drawing on a Brick Wall


This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.

I'm going to show you how to transform a photo into a white chalk, wall drawing.

I provided this brick wall background for you to download.

Its link is located in my video's description or project files.

Opn a photo of someone that you'd like to make into a chalk drawing.

The first step is to make a selection around your subject, so we can separate it from its background.

There are many ways to do this and your choice should depend on the characteristics of your photo.

For this example, I'll use the Magic Wand Tool, since the backgroundis a solid color.

If you're using this tool, as well, make sure "Contiguous" is checked.

Click outside the subject.

To include areas within the selection, go to those areas andpress and hold Shift as you click on them.

To make sure you selected all of your subject,press "Q" to see the selection as a quick mask.

Then, press "Q" again to revert it backinto a selection.

When you're happy with it, invert it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + Shift + I.

Press Ctrl or Cmd + J to cut the subject from its background and copy it to its own layer.

We'll convert it into a Smart Object, so we can add filters non-destructively, as well as change the subject if we want to without having to redo all the effects.

Hide the backgroundand click the icon at the upper, right of the Layers panel.

Click "Convert to SmartObject".

You know a layer is a Smart Object if this icon is at the lower, right cornerof a thumbnail.

If your photo has a lot of shadows, you can brighten them and bring outtheir detail by going to Image, Adjustments and "Shadows / Highlights".

I'll increasethe Shadows amount to 100% and click OK.

We want to make the foreground and backgroundcolors white and black respectively.

If they aren't, press "D" on your keyboard to makethem black and white and then press "x" to invert them.

Go to Filter and Filter Gallery.

Open the Sketch folder and click Photocopy.

I'll make the Detail: 2 and the Darkness:50, however, feel free to experiment with the amounts.

You can always adjust them later,since they're being applied to a Smart Object.

We want to make a new layer below the activelayer.

To do this, Ctrl-click or Cmd-click on the New Layer icon.

We'll fill the emptylayer with black and since black is your background color, press Ctrl or Cmd + Delete.

Shift-click on the top layer to add it to the highlighted layers.

Click the icon at the upper, rightcorner and convert these layers into one Smart Object.


Press "v" to open your Move Tool anddrag it up onto the tab of the Brick background.

Without releasing your mouse or pen, pressand hold Shift as you drag it down onto the background.

Then, release.

Pressing shiftkeeps your subject centered.

Change its Blend Mode either to Screen or Lighter Color.

Tomake it larger or smaller, open your Transform Tool by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + T.

Go to atop corner and when you see a diagonal, double arrow, press and hold Shift as you drag itout or in.

To reposition it, go inside the Transform and drag it.

When you're happy withits size and position, press Enter or Return.

Next, I'll show you how to clean up your drawingby hiding unwanted lines and spots.

Click the Layer mask icon to make a layer mask nextto the active layer.

Open your Pencil Tool and Pencil Picker.

We'll care of the sizein a moment.

The Hardness should be 100%, as well as the opacity.

Then, press Enteror Return.

To make your pencil larger or smaller, press the right or left bracket key on your keyboard.

Carefully draw over those areas of your image that you'd like to clean up.

You're actually drawing over the layer mask, which is masking out those areas.

Next, we'll add a chalk-like texture to the drawing.

Go to Filter, Noise and "Add Noise".

Tick "Gaussian"and drag the slider to an amount that looks good to you.

I'll drag it to approximately:70%.

Then, click OK.

Next, we'll widen the chalk outline surrounding your subject.

Double-clickthe Smart Object to open it.

Click the "fx" icon and click "Stroke".

Click the color box and pick white.

Then, click OK.

Make the Size: 2 pixels, the Position either Center or Inside and the Blend Mode: Dissolve.

Reduce its opacity to 60%.

Then, click OK.

Close the Smart Objecttab and when you see this message, click "Yes" to save the changes.

Your drawing is now updated with the wider outline.

This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.

Thanks for watching!.

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