Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 74: Photoshop Touch For Phone Now Available, Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 74: Photoshop Touch For Phone Now Available, Review

hello everyone Michael here with the dailynote 2 youtube channel and welcome to another episode today i want to tell you thatphotoshop touch for phone that is compatible with the samsung galaxy note 2has been released and it is available for around five dollars ingoogle play if you have been waiting like i have to purchase it this should be some really good news now there are tons of great photoediting apps out there and most of them are free but i want to show you some featuresthat demonstrate how photoshop is really in a different class it is important to note however if you are when it comes to digital photographyor photography in general you may find a little use for this app I've gone ahead and purchase this appso let's open it and i'm going to select that picture taking my photo gallery came so i was in the samsung more woman dekha photo of their don't seem studios piano tropical species on a galaxies notes device that believein they'll send it to you so if you look at this picture and youwill notice that the darker every sadistic chur i'll callchannels really look darker than the issue so i'm going to just go to this um.

adjustment to local shadows amendments meant concerns and politicallytypewriter just a little bit me and you'll see that ah.

there was a carriers are becoming more will live in and could be a actually seesome details more details and would have previouslyfor example if you go back it was a kiss previously and now you could see a more detail and uh.

looks a lot more natural so that's just one of the things he cando on photoshop touched that you can't do on most photo editing acts on androidthe next thing i want to show you deserve healing crystal so uh.

one thing about photography isthat you want to remove distracting elements so tools to remove a um.

things off of your photo are veryimportant so will choose to start healing brushtool and we're going to simply remove descentand that's not too logo off the wall here's was jesus words instead to pass this thing so localism cleaning removed off the wall so this is one of the things you can do another thing you can do on photoshoptouched that you won't be able to probably do one and you know their photoediting ups the last thing i want to briefly go overor the layers in photoshop touch now there's a very powerful and that youcan blame to images together were created just failures for exampleyou want to create a well therefore contrast and coloradjustment and good created different layers to do that and uh.

another thing to do withlayers is if you create text layers so let's create a text layer and that's it if you are looking for an act that willtake the photo you've taken balance out the shadows highlights lighting and color remove distractions to bring the mostamount of attention to your subject but that's what photoshop this for sothat's the end of today's video and i hope you got something out of it and ifyou haven't been too much on earlier please come to my channel and check outmy two hundred fifty plasma deals on the simpson doubts now too and if you have is that scribe getprecepts granted that's they try to create a video as often as possible sothat you get the most out of your sense of guts enough to once again thank you for watching.

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