Soft Focus Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Soft Focus Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Hello I am Rob with ScrappyDew.

Com and inthis tutorial we are going to be going over the soft focus effect in Photoshop.

Now theSoft focus effect is a pretty cool effect that you can use in photography.

Now if youare old enough you can probably remember the glamour shots that's what we are talking aboutthe soft focus effect maybe a wedding photo and such.

Now you can normally achieve these soft focus effect and such in special lenses that youhave for cameras or possibly a modern camera that already has these settings built in orhas the soft focus effect as well.

Now if any of the cases that I have mentionedabove that you do not have or is unavailable to you, you can easily create this in Photoshopor Photoshop elements.

Alright so I am going to open up this photo in photoshop and I gotthis image from simplyperfectioncakes.

Com, if you would like to follow along.

So the first thing that we are going to do is we are going to go ahead and duplicatethis layer and you can do this by going to control J or command J on the Mac.

Next we are going to go ahead and select that layer that we just created and we are goingto go up to filter, blur, Gaussian blur and we are going to go play along with this littleradius slider here.

Now the actual amount of blur that you aregoing to use will vary from photo to photo.

Now what you are looking for here is a typeof blur that will evident but does not take away the details of the photo and you canpretty much ignore all the close up shots that are currently blurry because we are goingto be taking care of them in the upcoming steps.

So alright once you are satisfied with the amount of blur that you have you can go aheadand hit the ok button.

Now once you do that we want to make sure that you are still selected,the top layer, the blurry layer as your active layer and we want to go ahead and alter theopacity.

Now you will have to experiment with the opacitybecause there is no magic number to use.

So I would say stay between 50 and around 85and if you find yourself going below 50 you may want to choose a different image or youmay want to change the effect that you want to go for with this soft focus effect.

Alright so good things are already looking nice and everything seems set.

However thereare a couple of small things that you may need to look at before you are ready to sendthis piece to print.

Alright so with the blurred layer still activewe want to add a layer mask by clicking the add layer mask button in the layers palette.

Now we want to go ahead and grab a brush tool and we want to choose a round brush with featherededges.

We also want to make sure that the hardness lighter is set all the way down tozero.

Now making sure that the layer mask is still selected indicated by the rectanglearound the mask.

You will with a black paint brush go ahead and start painting over theareas and in this case we are going to be painting over the cupcakes; that we want tonot be blurry.

Now as you paint you will notice that detailswill start appearing and that comes from the layer underneath.

Now you can think of thisas everything that you paint black will be transparent so that the underneath layer willbe showing through.

Now as a side note here if you do not havethe black color as your active color as the foreground you hit the D button on the keyboardand it should change the black to the foreground and also if you make a mistake by coloringsomething black that should have been white.

You can just go ahead and swap your colorsand then repaint with the white brush and it will bring the blurriness back.

Alright so we are almost done.

Now as a final touch you can go ahead and bump up the saturationbit by hitting the control U button to bring up the hue and saturation dialog box.

Nowyou can go ahead and play around with the saturation slider you know you can move itto the right, you can move it to the left just to make those colors pop and it is totallyup to you on how much saturation that you would like to use.

So with that done yourphoto is now ready.

Now while I can only show you one soft applicationof the soft focus effect.

You can see that it can be used with a variety of photos.

NowI hope you are able to follow along okay and of you have something to add on how you createthe soft focus effect please list your comments and ideas below.

With that I am Rob with ScrappyDew.

Com and I will see you next time.

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