Swirls, Swishes & Florals Designing in coreldraw

Swirls, Swishes & Florals Designing in coreldraw

Hey Friends! What's Up Naveen Malik here and welcome you all a lot on your favorite tutorial channel on youtube Its none another than but westock – your creativity booster.

Today is the great day and we are going to create Swirls, Swishes and Florals in coreldraw.

Believe it or not.

But in the coreldraw any version This is possible.

I am going to create iot using 'Spiral Tool' of coreldraw.

There are other ways to create this.

You can create it using "Spiral tool".

You can create it using "Distort tool" also.

But in this tutorial I am going to use "Spiral tool".

So Friends! Let's Start with this tool and where it is.

You can find it the tool bar of coreldraw Short cut of this tool is 'A' from your keyboard.

Left Button Click of your mouse to select spiral tool.

Before drawing the spiral on the work space Set Spiral Revolution to '1'.

Now start drawing the spiral and only one spiral with one revolution is here on workspace.

Here this is! Select the "Pick tool" and select the spiral object and resize it.

Now take the "shape tool" and select the node of the spiral and delete this.

reshape the nodes and reshape the object Select the Spiral and go to Edit – Copy & Paste to duplicate the selected one.

NOw this is the copy of this object.

You can check it in object manager too.

There are 2 curves here.

Select the second one and Give the outline color "blue" to this object.

Resize the bluer one and scle down this object and match the corners of these objects.

Corners of these boths object should be on same point or location.

Select the both objects and Mouse right button click for options and select Combine (ctrl + 'L') to combine to form it a single object shape.

Now go to toolbar and take "Shape tool" and select these two nodes or points then right click and click on join to Join These two points or nodes.

Do this similar with the tail nodes e.

G Other corner nodes also and join to form it a single shape object.

Now go to the colorboxes in the right side of coreldraw's workspace and fill this object with blue color.

This is the light one Make this some darker.

Now this is the Ok Blue color which I want.

Now got to Edit and Select Duplicate to Duplicate this object(Short Command : ctrl + 'D') A Dialogbox will come and You just click on 'Ok' Button.

Now Scale Down the Duplicated one.

And place it where you want.

Now Duplicate this object and place it here and resize it by scaling down.

I am doing this my way.

You can create according your way also.

Whatever shape you want and whereever you want to place it you can? Keep on Creating.

So friends here is the object which according me is Ok now.

Now Select the Elipse draw it in workspace and fill it with Color 'Blue'.

Disable the outline.

Select the "Shape tool" and Right click on this object and select convert to curves.

Reshape and Resize the object by changing the nodes.

In this project I have taken elippse tool but you can create the leaf using pen tool and bezier tool also.

You can create Any Proper or better leaf also according your requirement.

Duplicate this leaf and set and put it here in the perspective proper direction of the Swish's Head.

Now copy this object and place to set it here in proper direction.

And what you think about it.

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