Teknik Manipulasi Text  Coreldraw

Teknik Manipulasi Text Coreldraw

what's up guys! Thanks for clicking my channel in ITRIANGLE Now I am in my office for Intership Like this We are gonna learn how to manipulate text Are you curious? Check it out!!! Okay, make a new document Type for the name of our document "Manipulate Text" Click Ok First of all we're gonna make object as circle, we make elipse then we make Text with Text Tool.

Like this use scroll mouse to zoom in and zoom out to make text follow the circle is click "Text" — Fit Text to Path you can arrange here If you want to drag or move it the text the circle will follow the text To release from the circle is click The Text first then choose "Object" — Text Break Apart Click around the project page and the Text will be released from the circle You can remove the circle now like that, for the other objects do the same thing Next, we are gonna make text inside the paragraph Usually it is used to make magazine We delete the first design then prepare the text that we are gonna use I have prepared the text here I copy it all Click Text Tool Like we did a while ago we made text You can click and drag and paste here Click Ok If the dotted line is red, It means the text is hidden like here Just pull it down Pull down again It looks like this but, for magazine it is nice if we arrange as we want for anticipating for not to be crowded We use text tool again drag here Okay, like that.

Here there is Symbol of Triangle Small Rectangle and Triangle here its function is to link a text box to another text box like this Click and drag here and it becomes like this, these are 2 boxes are linked.

do like this For the adjusment you can click here choose Full Justify or Force Justify this one also.

You can arrange as you like It becomes like this It can be used to make magazine or brochure, etc.

First step is make object Soft Object or nicer object Not just a circle or rectangle You can use another object from it I will give you an example with object that are provided by Coreldraw I would like to make shape like "Love" I make like this and the get the text that we are gonna apply in our design I have had here, I just copy it switch to the coreldraw choose text tool make sure and becareful in this part there is a text "midpoint" click right here The Objectt will be filled dotted line like this It means that the object can be filled by text paste the text right here.

Ok The dotted line is red that means the text is still hidden.

So we need to make it bigger, like this to make it better, double click we choose the alignment And the text will follow the shape of object To remove the outline we click the cross button on the pallate right click good.

It is done, I press F4 to see the whole design and F9 to see the preview That is how to make text follow and fill the object that we have made YAY! We have learn how to manipulate text Whether you've succeded? Keep learning how to design in Coreldraw If you have some question about Coreldraw Feel free to comment below Don't forget to like my facebook, Joshua Rendy Max and visit my blog, itriangle7.


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