Tutorial Cara Menggunakan Pen Tool di Corel Draw

Tutorial Cara Menggunakan Pen Tool di Corel Draw

Lunch, meet again with my Ikhwan We will pass on the lessons of previous video which makes the shape of leaves After yesterday we made leaves with 3-point tool and Bezier Now we will create the same shape with the Pen tool Position the Pen tool is here, one group with Bezier and 3-Point OK we click the Pen tool Pen tool can be used to make a straight line like this, click, click, click on sembang place aja or it could be a curved line I click, click, scroll yes, before being released first slide This will create a curved line OK, I remove Immediately, we applied in the form of leaf I click a starting point Then specify the next point, eg here It's click, hold, slide We set the length to handle and tilt So that later form fitting with a sample of leaves Then the next point here Click the drop a little, we pull this hour, OK, already Then we find the point with an acute angle or taper we could not get straight to the point here because then the result would be like this, curved yes OK we cancel out We have to make this into a taper.

The trick is.

By the way we press Alt Alt press, just keep clicking this point Pull over here, then we can move to the next point Here we click, drag, yak.

The result here we've got a taper angle or taper Jump up here, pull, yak It's the same, so this same friends yes.

This taper angle We can not live here because it will be curved So I canceled first.

Ctrl + Z yes, in the usual undo Then pressed Alt or Alter.

Click here, pull a little yes New to the next point.

Click, drag a little, we Alt again Oh sorry, we Alt, click Click this my regular click, here, so it can directly to the next point To zoom in – zoom out, we can use the scroll.

Scroll ride – scroll down so yes So we can zoom in or out Ok, straight to the point here Click, drag, right here Click, drag a little.

Because of this taper again, taper yes.

We press Alt, Alt, click.

OK, here click, drag, and then click here Already, completed for the main part, then the part details.

This leaves the bone part yes Now just click.

Click hold, note movement Not here, not here, but here ya.


corners note Then click here, click one time only.

Click, then this click, slide This click 1 time Well, then this is also the same, the same pace.

Click, click on slide Click, click the slide, click OK Then the last click, click, click, click, scroll little.

Yak If it's like this so we stayed Trim OK, all selected, tap or click the Trim icon above So the shape of leaves to three OK, the color, select yes So we can use 3-Point tool, Bezier and Pen This function is something like, almost the same.

Just use ee.

No difference a little yes Where the most good for, it depends on the habit of friends Good all its tools as long as we master well OK, enough so first Friends please click the LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and I would be very happy if friends shortly SHARE this video other friends I will regularly upload other tutorials The hope we can learn together in this Yutub Ikhwan channel OK, see you in the next video.

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