ULTIMATE TEST: Is Affinity Photo FASTER than Photoshop? Surprising Results

ULTIMATE TEST: Is Affinity Photo FASTER than Photoshop? Surprising Results

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Affinity photo is one of the best alternatives to Photoshop especially for people who can't justify the ten dollars a month subscription for Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

On Affinity Photos website, they advertise that their software is built on rock solid foundations, with principles of performance stability and lack of bloat.

I did some quick test to see how Affinity Photo compared to Photoshop performance-wise.

So is Affinity Photo faster or Photoshop? Let's find out, I'll be testing software on two computers one is the mid-range laptop with an i5 CPU, 8gb RAM, SSD and integrated graphics, the second is a desktop with an i7 6700 k processor 64 gigs ram and nvme SSD and an nvidia 980 TI video card.

Let's start off with the startup times, on both systems starting times were faster for Photoshop by a couple seconds it's not much and you probably won't notice the difference unless you're purposely looking for it.

On a test where we opened 20 files, Photoshop was faster by six seconds in the mid-range laptop.

On the desktop, Affinity photo was faster by two seconds.

Something that I noticed with Affinity Photo is that it looks like it's frozen, but it's not.

It's just not showing the images as they're being loaded and unlike in Photoshop, you can't press an escape key to cancel reloading.

In fact if you try doing that, it'll give you a part of message saying that you're not allowed to cancel or close affinity photo until all the photos have been loaded.

The interface performance on both is great.

I don't experience any lag or slowness, but for me, the photo feels snappier.

I use that term because it's not actually faster, it just feels faster in Photoshop.

Things like the menus and zooming in and out of a document are animated.

In Affinity photo, it has no animations, so things appear instantaneously which makes it feel more snappy and I prefer that more.

You'll also notice that Affinity photo renders the photo from the center outwards while in Photoshop, it does it roll by roll from the top left to bottom right.

Affinity photo's way of rendering makes more sense because objects are more typically in the middle than it is on the top left corner.

Now all of these things seem small and minor, and I have to admit it is.

But, I just want to show you what Affinity photo does to make the interface feel a little bit snappier here.

In most cases, filters in Affinity photo are noticeably faster than Photoshop.

A lot of the filters are already running very fast in both software but there are some photos with huge differences such as the zoom or radial blur filter.

In Affinity photo, it renders the effect immediately while in Photoshop, it takes quite a while for it to finish.

The biggest difference was the Photoshop performing better is with the raw editor.

On a fast desktop, the developer persona in Affinity Photo was great and you don't really notice much of a difference compared to Photoshop's camera raw filter.

On a slower mid-range laptop, the difference is big.

For example, when adjusting exposure, Photoshop's camera photo renders the effect instantly and it feels very smooth while with affinity photos developed persona you can see it's struggling to keep up affinity photo users significantly less random photoshop on a fresh start with no documents opened affinity photo use 285 megabytes of RAM while photoshop use 865 megabytes with 20 files open ram usage increased significantly for both but again with a funny photo using less ram then follow sharp often a photo in Photoshop support GPR celebration free ram usage an affinity photo is significantly less in Photoshop if you don't know what theorem is here's a quick overview p.


is a memory for you GPU and it's different than ram on your motherboard you can have the fastest cpu plenty of system wrap and a solid state drive but things will get leg if you don't have enough speed ram and that is the main reason why people blame lightroom photoshop or whatever after using for being slow and laggy they have a nice computer but the GP only has one or two gigs of around which is very easy to use so as you can see the difference between have any photos from shot really depends on what you're doing and how fast the computer is things like startup times opening files and interface performance are roughly to say a funny photo does feel snappier interface wise a lofty filters are significantly faster and uses less ram and fear and compared to photoshop photoshop camera filter even though has more features still way better than ebony photos developer sauna it's faster and smoother stability wise i gotta get the upper hand to photoshop i've been using a family photo for a couple weeks now and it has crashed on me a lot more than photoshop but sometimes i even seen a crash on me when I'm not doing anything at all like I'm just looking at the interface I didn't click anything and it type anything and I'll just close but keep in mind that funny photo does auto save your document and it's the first non-beta released for windows so I think we got to cut them some slack at least in turn next update overall i recommend any photo if you're on a slower computer with four gigs of ram or less you will notice a difference if you're on a faster computer with eight gigs around more I wouldn't even use performance as a deciding factor and said I would be looking at other things such as features pricing and how it fits our workflow hey thanks for watching this video if you liked it please member hit the like button i got clear something up a lot of people are comparing a fini photo to lightroom it's not meant to compete with lightroom is meant to compete with photoshop or two very different software if you're looking for a lightroom alternative you should probably be looking at something like capture one anyways I hope you guys have an awesome day subscribe my channel if you haven't already and I'll see you again next week.

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