Teenage Sex Tips


Teenage sex is the most wonderful sex of a person’s life. According to independent escort in las vegas, teenage sex requires more care and knowledge as in your teenage, your body is going through puberty and other growth changes.

Escorts recommend some tips for better sex in your teenage. Following these escort tips will make your teenage sex best.

These professional independent escorts vegas tips will help you in making your sex memorable, pleasurable, and more mature as there are plenty of teenagers out there who do not have proper sex education which will impact their sex life.

Tips for teenage sex

  • Masturbate 2-3 hours before sex to make sure you will last longer in bed and can satisfy your partner:- according to escorts, masturbating 2-3 hours before having sex will take your body into a refractory period which helps you in maintaining longer sex duration’s.
  • Maintain proper hygiene:- hygiene is the primary and most important factor to consider for both teenage and adults. independent escorts vegas say that if hygiene is not proper then it can cause infections and give the risk of STI’s.
  • Keep oral hygiene a priority:- in your teenage sex life, kissing and oral sex is preferred more than hardcore, thus escorts recommend to take proper oral hygiene care and maintain good oral health for better oral and arousal sex.

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